5 Best Ice Hockey Sticks in 2020 To Level Up Your Game (Reviewed)

An ice hockey stick might be the most common piece of equipment in the game. To play your best game or to give your best shot, you NEED the right stick. There’s no way around it. A good hockey stick should be both lightweight and durable. It should give you the right amount of control and the best performance. After reading various consumer reviews and reports, we concluded that the best hockey stick is the CCM Jetspeed 440 Grip.

New hockey players always get confused to choose the right stick. This is why we always advise to do your research first. Most players these days are known to use composite sticks than wooden sticks. That’s because they are more reliable and comfortable to use. If you are looking for the best hockey sticks then you are in the right place.

Hockey Sticks Product Reviews

We have shortlisted some of the best hockey sticks that can help you improve your game. The list contains both composite and wooden hockey sticks. Go through the details to make your best pick.



In the list of best composite hockey sticks, the CCM Jetspeed 440 holds the top position. This is an excellent option for both newcomers and professional players. If you are looking for a stick that provides great value and performs well on the ice then this is the best option for you.

The Jetspeed 440 stick has a mid-kick point which makes it ideal for players who take a variety of shots. With this hockey stick, you can both quick-motion and full-motion from any angle. It is designed to create a hinge effect when shooting.

It offers a lightweight feel to give you more precision and puck control. Another highlighted feature is the Jetspeed shaft. With concave sides, rounded corners, and a streamlined shape from top to bottom gives you a comfortable feel during play. It fits securely in your hands and thus, allows you to give your best performance in the ring.


• Suitable for a variety of shots
• Lightweight feel
• Greater control
• Fits securely in hand


• Stick feels heavy towards the blade



The CCM Ribcor Trigger 4 Pro hockey stick is equipped with high-end technologies to give you the best performance. It is designed for quick release which helps you perform better in the game.

The stick has a taper construction that features a concave front side and a rounded concave backside. This increases accuracy and control. It is designed to be durable, lightweight and consistent when shooting, stickhandling and passing.
It is also equipped with ergonomic shaft geometry. The unique thing about the stick is that it uses a different design in each section of the shaft to better your performance.

It comes with an Agility Blade which is both soft and stiff. This offers you a great combination to fire off quick and powerful shots. The stick includes Sigmatex technology which is a high-performance spread tow fabric. This provides lightweight strength and resilience of an elite stick. This stick is constructed to give you the boost you need in your game. This is a great low-kick option for players who take quick motion shots.

What we like:
• Lightweight
• Durable
• High performance
• High-end construction



The Super Tacks AS2 hockey stick is a high-performance hockey stick that is designed to give you the best. It is equipped with new technologies that will satisfy heavy shooters. It gives you great control and high stability.

The cutting edge technologies help reduce the overall weight of the stick. As a result, you get a comfortable stick to play with. The stiff taper zone boosts stability and thus, resulting in a balanced stick with an incredible feel.

It is made with carbon fiber weave which adds to its durability. This blade is lightweight and comes with a tactile surface for increased shot control. It also includes a reinforced heel and toe for greater durability.

What we like:
• High performance
• Greater durability
• High stability
• Greater control


If you are looking for a high performing hockey stick then the Bauer Vapor Flylite ice hockey stick is the option for you. This lightweight hockey stick is designed for quick releases. With the help of this elite stick, you can take your game to the next level.

It is comprised of low-kick point sticks which make it an ideal choice for players who take quick-motion shots. The stick improves low-kick point using many high-level features and technologies.

It has a tapered design and uses a unique elliptical geometry with more rounded edges and thinner construction. This makes the stick lightweight and thus, you can increase release speed.

It is also equipped with Asymmetrical TeXtreme shaft technology. This offers you a balanced feel for high performance. Along with that it also comes with the DuraFlex resin system which helps increase the shaft’s flexural strength and durability.

The Bauer hockey stick combines some of the best features along with high-end technologies. This gives you an elite-level stick to perform well in the ring.

What we like:
• Durable
• Lightweight
• Quick-release
• Loaded with features
• Equipped with high-end technologies


Sher-Wood Heritage Wood hockey stick is one of the best hockey sticks you will get today. It is light reliable and is designed for an excellent performance. This low-kick hockey stick could be the best option for youth.

This old-style hockey stick has a shaft covered with multi-layer birch lamination which gives it a smooth and finished look. The 5030 Heritage Wood Stick offers great reliability. This could be the best affordable alternative to outlast countless slap shots.

What we like:
• Old style
• Affordable
• Reliable
• Lightweight

So these are five of the best hockey stick you can choose. When you have the right stick you get the confidence to perform well in the game. Instead of wasting time, go and get your hockey stick today.


So these are our personal top 5 best hockey sticks. Note that the ice hockey industry is developing quickly. What might be the best stick today, might not be tomorrow. When you have the right stick you get the confidence to perform well in the game. Instead of wasting time, go and get your hockey stick today.

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