Best Ice Hockey Products: A Complete List + Reviews for 2020

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Hockey Scene provides a complete list of all ice hockey products. We’ve been fans of ice hockey since we were little kids. Recently we started to play this beautiful game ourselves. Finding the right gear and equipment was a challenge! That’s why we decided to create this website. 

Read on, and you will find useful tips that will help you win every game!

List of Products To Start Playing Ice Hockey

Whether your dream is becoming a professional hockey player or you want to just play as a hobby, you have to own the right ice hockey equipment. So, what should you know and do when buying your own ice hockey equipment?

Buying ice hockey gear and equipment needs to be an important decision. You want to make the right choice immediately. It’s not a simple daily task as buying clothes or ordering food. You want equipment that is both safe and is right for you. That way you can become the best ice hockey player ever.

For the best results, always buy your gear through a reputable and trustworthy online store. These are stores with excellent customer support and also have a great return policy if you ended up buying the wrong equipment.

The list of everything you need to start playing ice hockey you will find below:

1. Ice Hockey Sticks

The first thing that probably comes to mind is buying a quality ice hockey stick. You need something to hit the puck right? Luckily reviewing ice hockey sticks is one of our specialties. There are two different types of ice hockey sticks to choose from.

Composite Hockey Sticks

Most professional hockey players choose a composite hockey stick. These sticks are built using a variety of advanced, high-tech performance materials. Thanks to this, these sticks deliver better strength and power. The composite stick is also the lightest and most durable ice hockey stick to buy.

Wooden Hockey Sticks

Some hockey players insist hockey sticks made of wood. They believe wooden sticks have a better feel. Compared to composite sticks, wooden sticks are much more affordable.

Of course, goalies need a stick as well. That’s why we reviewed goalie sticks as well. Sticks for goalies have come a long way and it’s important to stay up-to-date in this industry. Luckily all our reviews are based on the year of 2020.

2. Ice Hockey Skates

Having the best ice hockey skates might be even more important than a stick. Every person has different preferences and might prefer a different brand or type of ice skates.

3. Protective Gear

I guess we can pretty much decide that all products are important in ice hockey. But, you definitely want to use the right protective gear. Preventing injuries in hockey is a very big deal. Everybody needs to buy this! We are all about having fun, but please have fun and be safe.

Here is a list of the best protective gear that everybody should use:

1) Best Hockey Mouthguard  – Always protect your teeth no matter what.

2) Best Hockey Helmets – Avoid concussions and choose the right helmet.

3) Best Hockey Elbow Pads – Elbows can be very fragile and need all the protection they can.

4) Best Hockey Neck Guards – Keep your neck protected while playing hockey


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