Best Hockey Neck Guards You Need

When you are practicing a rough game like hockey, protection is of utmost importance. This is applicable to both children and adults. You need to be armed with the right protective gear to prevent any type of injuries. From helmet to mouth guards to neck protectors, you need everything to keep yourself protected.

You will come across many brands manufacturing hockey protective gear. But you need to choose the one that is both reliable and durable. Your protective gear should be made of high quality materials so that it can give you maximum protection in the ring.

In this article, we are talking about quality hockey neck guards. It is extremely important for you to keep your neck protected while playing hockey. This is not an option but a legal requirement. If you are searching for the best quality hockey neck guards then you are in the right place. We have suggested five of the best hockey neck guards for your need.

Best Hockey Neck Guards in the Industry

The hockey neck guards listed below are all top rated products. We have included products for both senior and junior players. You can go through the details to choose the best option for yourself.


If you are looking for the best hockey neck protector in the market then Aegis Interceptor Hockey Neck Protector is the ultimate option for you.

This is the first ever combined slash and impact resistant neck guard in the world. It is specifically designed for hockey players so that they can keep their necks protected at all costs.

To make it more reliable, it is made with a combination of moisture controlling and high performing stretch fabrics which is known as Kevlar fibers. It is because of these features that makes it the number one choice for the hockey players.

Equipped with innovative technology, it is designed to give you maximum protection during your play. It can keep you safe from the stick in the neck to more serious impacts that may be delivered to your neck area. With this neck protector, you can play tension free. Once you put it on, you don’t have to worry about injuring your neck anymore.

The neck guard is equipped with D30 impact protection. It makes use of a soft, flexible material that can lock the impact and then return it to its original state.

This lightweight, comfortable, neck protector has been tested for excellence. It is proven to substantially reduce the force of an impact to the neck area. There is no doubt that this neck protector from Aegis holds the future of sportswear protection. It has transformed the game completely with such a revolutionary material.

What we like:

  •   Innovative technology
  •   Maximum protection
  •   Lightweight and comfortable
  •   Tested for excellence



Protection should be of utmost priority for junior players. Neck is a very delicate part and any type of injury to the area can prove to be fatal. Therefore, you have all the reasons to choose the best neck protector.

The Shock Doctor Ultra Hockey Neck Guard is one of the finest neck guards made for junior players. It comes with an anatomically contoured neck wrap design that provides you with maximum protection. It provides you a perfect fit so that you don’t feel uncomfortable while playing.

The neck protector is engineered for maximum mobility and comfort. It is made with a premium cut-resistant aramid fiber reinforced core. It has a soft knit lining with a durable exterior which is meant to offer extra comfort and protection. In addition, it also comes with an adjustable elastic Velcro closure. This allows for a wide range of fit.

What we like:

  •   Maximum protection
  •   Comfortable
  •   Adjustable Velcro closure
  •   Durable exterior
  •   Increased mobility



We have yet another neck protector option from Aegis which is equally good like the previous model in the list. This is an impact and slash resistant neck guard that is meant for all levels of hockey players. With the combination of moisture controlling and stretch fabrics, you get the best performance from the Aegis Interceptor.


It is constructed with innovative technology that will keep you safe in the field. With the help of this neck guard you can protect your neck from the average stick to more acute impacts. It is powered by D30 impact protection to provide you with increased protection. The interceptor uses a soft and flexible material that can lock the impact and return to its original state.


This neck guard is tested for quality and performance which should give you the confidence to rely on it. It is both comfortable and lightweight and is designed to substantially reduce the force of an impact to the neck area. With this revolutionary material, this is one of the best you can get in the market.

What we like:

  •       Maximum protection
  •       Lightweight design
  •       Comfortable to wear


  1.   CCM RBZ 100 – SENIOR

Next we have the CCM RBZ 100 Neck Guard which is a BNQ-approved certified product. It is designed to provide protection against scrapes, cuts, and other types of injuries while in the ring.

With this neck guard, you don’t have to leave your neck unprotected while playing. The RBZ 100 neck guard is available for both junior and senior players. It is constructed with high quality polyester and foam for durability.

What we like:

  •       BNQ-approved certified protection
  •       Helps prevent cuts and scrape


  1. CCM RBZ 100 – YOUTH

Just like all the other CCM products even the CCM RBZ 100 Neck Guard is BNQ-approved certified protection. With the help of this neck guard, you can keep your neck always protected while playing. It prevents cuts, scrapes and other types of injuries.

You can get this model for youth, seniors and even for junior players. Made with durable foam and polyester, this is one of the finest neck guards you will get.

What we like:

  • BNQ-approved certified protection
  • 1680D polyester and foam
  • Helps prevent cuts and scrapes

So these are five of the best hockey neck guards you can use for your protection. Protecting your neck is important and all the other delicate body parts while playing.



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